Create presentations for school and work in SharePoint – a free online tool

In today’s digital world, many people rely on presentations to get the job done at both school and work. To make the task of putting together a presentation even easier, Microsoft has released SharePoint, a free online tool that allows users to create, manage, store and share presentations easily.

SharePoint is user friendly, allowing users to quickly create a presentation without having to worry too much about coding or learning complicated features. It offers various templates that can be customized by simply dragging and dropping ready-made shapes, images or text into the presentation. In addition, users can set specific format rules for their designs including color schemes, fonts and settings for photographs. For example, users can easily adjust the resolution on their photos or choose from several backgrounds to add personalization to their presentations.

SharePoint also allows users to share their presentations with classmates or colleagues with the click of a button. With simple steps, users can email the presentation to multiple recipients with just one link. And since all of SharePoint’s presentations are cloud-based, it’s easy for everyone involved in the project to edit and view the presentation no matter which device they’re using; computer, tablet or phone.

The features that come with SharePoint make presenting easier than ever. It’s user-friendly and complete with customizable tools and sharing capabilities so you can get your presentation done quickly. Try out SharePoint today and take your presentation game to the next level!

SharePoint is a free online tool that makes creating presentations for school and work easier than ever. With SharePoint, users can quickly and easily organize complex materials into slides that effectively convey important ideas. The slides can be shared with colleagues and viewed on any device with a browser—eliminating the need to download and install presentation software.

SharePoint allows users to add images, audio, and video clips to their presentations for an even more dynamic experience. This feature is particularly useful for school assignments, as it enables students to demonstrate creativity when displaying data or summarizing research. Additionally, anyone collaborating on a project can access the same shared presentation without needing to send duplicate emails or have multiple copies floating around.

On top of being user-friendly, SharePoint also offers some more advanced features designed to make creating presentations more efficient. For instance, users can easily access images they have uploaded previously, making sure they don’t waste time finding the same image twice. The spell-checker feature, meanwhile, is helpful in catching typos before publishing. These features ensure that no matter the size of a project, users remain productive and their end product looks polished and professional.

In summary, it’s clear why SharePoint has become such a popular tool for creating presentations for school and work. It’s an easy-to-use platform with convenient features ranging from being able to embed multimedia elements to being able to access previously uploaded images quickly. Whether you are a student working on an assignment or a professional trying to put together a presentation at work, SharePoint will make sure you produce the most effective result in the shortest amount of time possible.